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SYNTAX TRANSLATION AGENCY ofers professional translation services of written and spoken texts, sworn translations of formal documents, specialised translation, interpretation and proofreading.

Written translations can be divided into ordinary texts and those which demand certification of a court expert in foreign languages, known as sworn translators, who are appointed by the Minister of Justice. A sworn translator is a person that possesses an excellent knowledge of the target language grammar, lexis, culture, as well as of the mother tongue, that recognises original documents, knows documents of the EU and can translate texts with the proper use of formal language. A sworn translation demands not only a precise description of the given text, but also proper sealing, marking and precaution provided by the sworn translator.
Ordinary written translation is performed in case of papers that are not formally demanded by state offices, banks or other institutions. Most common texts subjected to ordinary translations are business contracts, partner agreements, technical specifications of machines and other devices, internet pages, advertisements, etc.

Oral translations are, similarly to written texts, divided into ordinary and sworn ones. Such translation services are performed on demand of our Clients who need professional support in business talks, negotiations, meetings, conferences, cultural and entertainment events.
Oral sworn translations are served on demand of a proper court, prosecutors, police or other state institutions, such as the registrar before whom couples solemnize their marriages.
SYNTAX translators perform simultaniuous and consecutive oral translations.

Among ordinary texts there are all kinds of documents, letters, instructions, statements, etc. Written in common language or formal language which, however, doe not demand the use of specialised knowledge of the subject mattered.

Translation of specialised texts requires not only a proficient knowledge of the target language but also some recognition of the specific subject mattered. Such texts may demand legal, medical, financial, technical or IT language.
Our Agency permanently cooperates with specialists of particular subjects, so that the translated texts are not only linguistically correct but first of all clear  and easy to understand for their readers.
The load of work that is involved in specialised text translations is definitely incomparable to ordinary texts translations. Additionally, such texts must be graphically adjusted, for example in case of tables, drawings, diagrams, and so on. Translators must develop their knowledge constantly as vocabulary included in specialised texts is so current that it has not been included in any dictionary yet.
If you have been considering your company's chances for international business cooperation, and you still hesitate to do it because of linguistic obstacles, our Agency will help you to overcome any weaknesses with pleasure.

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